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Product Description

Woodworking centre for cutting large beams.

5 Axes controlled by the programmer:

  • Axis of rotation of working bed, from 0° to 340°
  • Axis of tilt of blade, from 90° to 45°
  • Axis of ascent of blade during trimming, up to 300 mm
  • Workpiece axis of travel crosswise
  • Blade unit axis of travel with respect to the guide 

Workpiece travel system using rubberised and motorised wheels and upper pressure bars with pneumatic tilting.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 15” touch-screen” controller “, USB port, Ethernet port, WINDOWS operating software, Capable of storing up to 10000 cutting lists, Widia blade, Photocell to automatically measure workpieces, Dual pneumatic cylinders for optimized management of cutting.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: 2-metre and 5.5-metre roller tables, Widia blade, System for moving and measuring beams without squared edges, such as "uso fiume" beams (with bevelled corners along the entire length).

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