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Product Description

The CT600 is a pusher crosscut line with complete optimisation and defection of wood.
Thanks to its rotating table, it is the optimal solution for all straight (90°) and angular (+/- 70°) cutting for both
single board and stack sawing.
The pusher is designed with a rack and pinion feed system and brushless motor to ensure maximum cutting precision.
The software architecture relies on a Beckhoff electronic control with a 12" high-resolution touch-screen monitor,
simple and intuitive 3D graphic interface with Windows operating system.
Cutting lists can be created directly on the on-board software or imported via connection to Ethernet or USB network ports.
The software allows the cutting list to be automatically optimised to reduce waste and optimise the machining process
according to 4 criteria: maximum length, minimum waste, sequence and priority.
A photocell allows automatic measurement of the workpiece to be cut (OPTI function).
A second photocell detects fluorescent marks to eliminate knots and defects (OPTI PLUS function).
Possibility of integrating label and ink-jet printers into the cutting line.
Automatic loading and sorting units can be implemented on request.
All in all, it is the perfect machine for the most demanding customers, flexible but with high production capacity.
It is the reference for manufacturers of special packaging, wooden floors, wooden houses (Truss and Frame Walls)
construction formwork and interior and exterior furnishings.
Technical data cut-off saw
Blade diameter                         
600 mm
Blade rotation speed                    
2600 rpm
Blade motor power
kW 7,5 (HP 10)
Automatic table rotation
70°  0°  +70°
Minimum cutting section
30 (L) x 10 (H) mm
Maximum cutting capacity at 0° (straight cut)
410 mm (L) at 40 mm (H) - 215 mm (L) at 200 mm (H)
Maximum cutting capacity at 45° (angled cut)            
285 mm (L) at 40 mm (H) - 150 mm (L) at 200 mm (H)
Maximum cutting capacity at 70° (angled cut)     
80 mm (L) at 40 mm (H) - 40 mm (L) at 200 mm (H)
Maximum operating pressure     
6 bar
Extraction outlets
3 x Ø100 mm - 1 x Ø120 mm
Net weight
1200 kg
Technical data pusher                            
Load capacity                         
3000 - 4000 - 5000 - 6000 mm
Max pusher speed                    
90 mt / min
Max positioning speed                   
90 mt / min
Max return speed                    
90 mt / min
Positioning accuracy 
+/- 0,4 mm
Max boards weight
80 kg
Cutting execution cycle    
4 sec



- Automatic loader for single pieces or packs
- Chain loading system
- Loading capacity from 3 to 10 mt


- Variable speed belt 0-120 mt./min.
- Measure/ejector coupling directly from cutting list
- Stacking idle rollers table

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