Technical Support

Over the years Stromab has established a reputation for customer satisfaction thanks to its investments in technology, computing, and human resources.


Not only do we control production by means of an integrated production process, but we are also equipped with one of the most advanced IT systems in the world and a top-level team of professionals.


It all begins in the design unit, where our engineers and designers research and design every detail of our products. State-of-the-art design software guarantees top quality 3D product development, structural calculations and design.


In 2005 we embarked on a journey of internal innovation and modernisation, focusing particularly on our IT System. This included modernising our Operational System (one of the most advanced in the world), our PDM and our CAD, which ensure that the company maintains complete control over the productive and after-sales lives of the machinery it manufactures.


After-sales services are guaranteed by a first-rate team of travelling technicians and a multilingual technical call centre, open 10 hours a day. Today we perform testing directly on 90% of our machines in every country in the world.


Our company’s point of pride is its replacement-parts service, capable of fulfilling within just a few days all of our customers’ requests. Thanks to our dedicated replacement-parts warehouse, we are able to guarantee exceedingly prompt delivery. Today we continue to be able to fill requests for replacement parts as well as for electrical and exploded diagrams for machines up to 25 years old.