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Product Description

Electrohydraulic clamping machine for the manufacture of doors and windows.

  • The machine frame is constructed in structural steel.
  • The clamping machine is equipped with sliding hydraulic cylinders (max. thrust 1500 kg)
  • Adjustable pressure. 

Two-lever hydraulic control valve for independent clamping of the vertical and horizontal cylinders. 

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Single-sided with 3 sliding vertical beams and 2 horizontal hydraulic cylinders, Actual working dimensions 2500x1800 mm.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Additional vertical beams with hydraulic cylinder, Additional front pressure bars, Working lengths greater than 2500 mm, Working heights greater than 1800mm, Additional horizontal hydraulic cylinder, Counterweights for balanced positioning of cylinders, Closure valves for the cylinders, Swivel foot for tilted frames.



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Clamping machines for doors and windows