TR601 MX - TR601/F MX

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Product Description

- Push-feed system with a new profile featuring a highperformance linear guide and slides
- Increased precision rack
- BECKHOFF high-performance brushless motor with extraheavy maximum weight of 750 Kg
- Increased processing speeds of 60 m/min. during production, 90 m/min. during measurement
- Higher safety levels with photocell barriers and built-in SAFE module, TUV certification
- TR601 hydraulic cut-off saw with 12 HP (9.2 kW) motor
- Widia blade with diameter of 600 mm
- Great cutting capacity (from 200x300 to 40x650 mm)
- 6-second cutting cycle
- Load capacity of 4000 to 14000 mm
- Also available with milling unit (TR601/F)

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Range of straight cut-off saws