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Product Description

The MV 520 is the optimal solution for manufacturers of framed houses and timber truss roofs.
The 5-axis controlled cutting unit rotates 360° and tilts +/- 90° allowing straight, inclined and compound cuts to be made.
The boards are moved by means of 2 moving conveyor belts which in addition to moving the workpiece in both directions
move independently to guarantee maximum precision of cuts in the best machining conditions.
This handling system is patented and ensures maximum speed of the cutting cycle to maximise production
and reduce labour costs.
The software architecture is based on a Beckhoff electronic control with a high-resolution 18.5" touch-screen monitor
simple and intuitive 3D graphic interface with Windows operating system.
Thanks to the automatic import of BTL format files, the machine can be perfectly integrated into the company network
and cutting lists can be uploaded remotely or via USB port.
The high flexibility of configuration includes a version with manual loading and a version with automatic loading of boards.
Automatic sorting unit integrated as standard in the machine, includes a partially motorised roller table, a full-length ejection bar
and a front magazine for unloading all machined parts.
The MV520 processes wooden boards of any length with cross-sections from 40x20 mm up to 300x90 mm.
Technical Data                       
Blade diameter                         
520 mm
Blade rotation speed                    
3000 rpm
Blade motor power
kW 3 (HP 4) with Inverter
Max cutting section
300 mm (W) a 80 mm (H)
Max speed of conveyor belts (X axis)         
140 mt/min
Loadable beam length
da 1250 mm a 6500 mm
Loading table height         
930 mm
Max operating pressure
6-8 bar
Extraction outlets
3 x Ø120 mm
Net weight
2700 kg


5 electronically controlled axes


18.5" touch screen control panel for man-machine interface management.

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